QUAILS: a barrage of thundering riffs and rapid tempo changes

‘A barrage of thundering riffs and rapid tempo changes’ best describes Quails – the profound pleasure dome of Jaan Claeys and Stephan Spriet. Jaan’s baritone guitar effortlessly strings together a series of sensational scores while Stephan’s well-aimed drum strikes attain perfect harmony.

Both musicians enhance this mesh of progressive metal with their own idiosycrasies. No frequency in the sound spectrum is left untouched. A first encounter with Quails barely grasps what this duo is capable of; only gradually does the listener realise their potential. Witnessing them live simply blows you away, staring in the void left behind after the show.
The faint-hearted might even need a change of underwear…

Quails ‘Ape and Child’ – Record 2016