Belgian Melody-driven Postpunk/Noiserock!

At a certain point the band decided that its roots with THE RG’s were no longer matchable with the present tense… In 10 years time the band started out as a 2-piece-garage-blues-rockband and in time the band grew to a 3-piece and eventually to a 4-piece band today. Musically, the band also evolved to a more profound Postpunk/Noiserockband.
Looking for some new adventures…
The band rebooted as SCRAPE and they released a brand new EP called SHAKE THE NATION during IN FEBRUARY 2024!!

Since its inception the band is spreading its love & adoration for the mainly heavier songs throughout the musical universe. The band was able to play numerous shows in clubs, festivals and (music) bars in Belgium & the Netherlands. On stage you may expect a well-aimed blow to the jawbone making your eardrums tremble like never before …

R E L E A S E S …

During 2015 the band decided to release a first full self-titled record, which was recorded at the Barefootstudio (Pittem – BE). In 2017 the band hit the studio again (Number Nine Studios Ghent – BE) to record their second album, called ‘The Cricket Sound‘, which was produced by STAKE’s frontman Brent Vanneste, followed by superbe reviews in Belgium, the Netherlands and even the UK.

During the pandemic-years, the band started writing on a new album ‘Your Head On A Stick‘, this in collaboration with Dominiek Hoet (King Hiss) as producer (Studio Scampi Waardamme – BE) and mastered by Arjan Bogaert at Barefootstudio. The artwork was provided by the talented Planeet Janus (Kortrijk). ‘Your Head On A Stick’ was released in 2021.

As a 4-piece band, they quickly turned to the writing process and in no time the band had a few new songs they wanted to record! Hitting back to Studio Scampi with Dominiek Hoet as producer again, the band recorded a brand new EP called ‘SHAKE THE NATION‘! Out on Polderrecords since February 2024!!

Shake The Nation – Shake The Nation (2024)
N.W.O – Shake The Nation (2024)
Nov. 18, 2022 – Support show Black Mirrors La Botanique Brussels
Nov. 30, 2022 – Support show Rhea Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER Ghent
June 8, 2022 – Support show Mondo Generator (US) Music Club 4AD Diksmuide
Slave Patrol by SCRAPE / THE RG’s 2021